Non - denominational / Charismatic church / Spirit filled / Biblically led 

       Registered Charity No: 1054331

His Place Mission Statement

To win the lost at any cost and to equip the believer for service

 We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and all power has been given to him by Almighty God out Father  in heaven.  Jesus came to set people free from sin and crush the enemies hold in peoples lives. Through the  death and  resurrection of  Jesus on the Cross (paying the penalty for sin in our lives), With Jesus rising  again on the third day, we know we have a hope that there is life after death and the guilt and  condemnation of our wrong doings have been paid for. We believe that the bible is God's Word. Believing in  Jesus allows us to have a beautiful relationship with Our Father in heaven, yes God himself. God showing the world what he was like in Jesus and ultimately showing us his love for humanity and him reaching out to us through Jesus.

 Briefly (as there is a lot more) Jesus came so that we can have an abundant life, live victoriously by his  Grace and Righteousness. Conquering sins power in the flesh, healing us from sicknesses, delivering us from  Satan's power. Breaking depression and poverty in our lives. Ultimately when you put your trust and faith in Him, you will see that he restores peoples lives for the Good. Jesus gave his life to set you free.  Jesus is the hope for the whole of humanity in an uncertain world.

 There is only one true Church which is made up of many parts (as you are probably aware there are many  different expressions of 'Church') the believers with Jesus Christ always being the head of the church.  Often when you meet a Christian/s, this is literally the church coming to you as Christ lives inside of every  believer and the Holy Spirit himself dwells within them.

 The church building is exactly what it is a building where the church meets. Some buildings are vary  glamorous buildings and some churches just meet in peoples front rooms. 

 Once you walk with Jesus for a while you will see that the Church is the most powerful place on earth for  God dwells inside her, no matter where we go as Christians we have a confidence and power with authority,  that far out ways any other created thing.  

 We are a mixture of cultures from all different walks of life. You will be welcomed here and not rejected. 

 If you are suffering at present in anyway or alone or in pain, please don't suffer alone, we truly would love  to see you and we believe God can do great and mighty works in your life. 


Drop in on a Sunday morning from 10.30am till midday and stay for coffee afterwards. Don't worry if you get here late, just come in. Come and see what its like to worship the Lord. We love to talk and share things.

If your having a hard time and don't know how to pray or want to pray we will happily pray for your situation.   

Entrances: Our building has two entrances. The main entrance is from Robertson Street - pedestrian area (TN34 1HL)  

If you require ramp to access the entrance please knock on front door and a member of team will assist you.  The church is on the first and second floor.  There are two stair lifts for gaining access to the first floor level.  

Cambridge Road entrance (Opposite ESK)  -  

3 steps up to a entrance hall then another 3 to the reception area of the church. There are hand rails to use.  Assistance will be given if required.  

We our a grade 2 listed building and there are parts that are not accessible to people with reduced mobility. 

The ground floor where the majority of community activities take

place is fully wheelchair accessible and wc's are situated on this floor. 

We are sorry that we currently can't provide a ramp up to the church level.

This is being looked into as we hope in the future to be fully accessible to everyone.


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