His Place Registerd UK Charity  1054331                         


To win the lost at any cost and equip the beliver for service

 His Place is an independant church 

   Non - denominational / Charismatic church / Spirit filled / Biblically led Church community

        Jesus is alive today and working in our town and through the world. He is just waiting for us to ask him to work in our lives

What is His Place Community Church Like:

His Place Community church has a diverse fellowship, we are a mixture of people from a variety of cultures and walks of life.  You will be welcomed here and  not rejected.  If you are suffering  at present in anyway or alone or in pain, please don't suffer alone, we truly would love  to see you and we believe God can do great and mighty works in your life.  Drop in on a Sunday morning  from 10.30am till mid - day and stay for coffee afterwards. Don't worry if you get here late, just come in. Come and see what its like to worship the Lord. We love to talk and share things.  If your having a hard time and don't know how to pray or want   to pray we will  happily pray for your situation. 

We have a creche facilities and children group. Children are seen and heard so don't worry about children needing to be quite and still.  We have a variety of seating, including a sofa for those needing true comfort. We have dogs and cats that visit on a Sunday morning there is enough space to be away from the pets      or to sit in a quite corner if you feel anxious about being in public spaces. We will do our best to meet your requirements and make you feel welcome.

Contact Rev Sears for more information on 01424 - 423501  or Nicola  on 07944 - 166351

Who are we:

We are a Christian non - denominational church, everyone is welcome to worship with us as we are all of one family. (Denomination meaning branch / style          ie Baptist / Church of England / United  Reformed etc. We are fee we do not belong to a governing  body we are independant)                                                                     

What do we belive:

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and all power has been given to him by Almighty God out Father in heaven.   God loves us so much he sent his son Jesus Christ to live as man in this  world and through his death on the cross he took away  our sins, and when we choose to belive in him, follow his ways we to are free from sin and when our time on earth up we  will be united with Jesus and our fellow belivers in Heaven. There will be no sin or pain in Heaven and we will have everlasting life.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Our sins are forgiven:

When someone chooses to follow the Christian faith becuase they  belive in Jesus, they say a belivers prayer in acknoldgement.  For example one example is - Lord Jesus, I want to know you personally. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I ask you to come into my life as lord and saviour. Take control of my life. Thank you for forgiving me of my sins and giving me everlasting life.  Make me the person you want me to be and help me to live by your ways,  Amen.

The next step when ready is to acknoldge the commitment through Water Baptism which symbolisises being born again through full emersion into water which represent the sins being washed away, the past is gone and you come out of the water clean all your sins  are gone and forgotten.

Where do we find Gods words / wishes and advice for our lives? :   

 We believe that the 'Bible' is God's recorded word and our guide to life.  The Bible is the recordings of Gods plan for humanity.   It is a collection of stories and acounts of Jesus's time on earth and before.  We learn about God and his plans for us through reading  this book. Use it in conjunction with a daily devotional to learn and understand the relevance in todays life.

If you want to find out more:

      Options include - Sunday services am - lively worship, prayer and teaching.

                                     Sunday evening  - informal service held in the comfy area of the cafe.

                                     Tuesday pm - bible study group,   

                                     Thursday evening house group, 

  Other bible study and social groups running to set time tables for short courses including 12 step program, Alpha

Try a Sunday Service, or a bible study - sit and listen, ask questions or join in - no one will judge you, remember we all learnt how to walk before we ran, we watched and listended before we could speak. We all have free choice and if you decide this is not for you - we won't treat you any diffrently you will always be treated the same weather you come and socialise in the cafe, join in with community activties or come to church. We are unbelivably friendly and will treat you with respect and the same regardelss of  what you belive or who you are. 

We hold Alpha course which is a discussion based course regarding the christian faith - so if you like a debate and want to know more or share your views you would be welcome. Just get intouch to find out when and were we meet. Alternativly you will find a variety of resources on the internet Christianity Explored  or start reading the bible in Johns Gospel, find a christain book shop that can  provide resourse, look at your local libary or just come and have a chat. No questions are bad questions. 

Entrances: Our building has two entrances. The main entrance is from Robertson Street - pedestrian area (TN34 1HL)  

Ramp access available at the entrance,  The church is on the first and second floor.   There are two stair lifts for gaining access to the first floor level.  There is a  toilet on the first floor is only accessible to those whom can weight bear to get up the steps.

Cambridge Road entrance (Opposite ESK)  -  

3 steps up to a entrance hall then another 3 to the reception area of the church. There are hand rails to use. Assistance will be given if required.   The other entrance by the bus stop has two small steps and then wheelchair & buggy accessisable walk way for all to use. This entrance closes at 10:30 and re-opens at 12 - mid-day.  We our a grade 2 listed building and there are parts that are not accessible to people with reduced mobility. Toilets are on the ground floor through cafe for those who need wheelchair access or changing room facilities.

The ground floor where the majority of community activities take place is fully wheelchair accessible and wc's are situated on this floor.  We are sorry that we currently can't provide a ramp up to the church level currently we are applying for grants to improve access and all the facilities of the building so the community has full access and options of use.