Our building is in need of urgent repairs to masonry, windows and an area of roof. The decay started after 1987 storm as well as from atmospheric causes dating back to the war years and the coal and build up of acid on the building from it not being externally cleaned to prevent the sandstone wearing. We have been advised that if we replace the damaged stone, wash the building, re-mould and set the stained glass windows and then maintain the roof and oak doors we will have a building that will be safe for 50 years before it needs a wash again to aid prevention of deterioration. If the roof is secure and there are no holes in the stone work the decay will not happen.  The windows have deteriorated more rapidly in the past two years after being ordered to remove the plastic which had been put up in the past to protect but has caused further trouble. 

We provide mainly free support and activities to the community We are house a  café and community centre,  Theatre,  Church,  Crisis support centre - serving the whole community. Without this building we will not be able to  provide our services and make the difference that we do. Saving lives, addressing isolation  issues, providing a place where all are welcome and community cohesion exists.  We are an independent charity and are custodians of this building which has always been used for the good of the community, past - present and now for the future

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Heritage at risk website with pictures, information and support options can be found here